Excellent R.O.I.

Optimisation is key in voucher management processes to save time and reduce costs, The BlueBox VMS has your back. Happy customer, happy you.

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Optimising Customer Redemption

A BlueBox VMS is built to help you and your customer.

Customer Benefit

We provide only the best online and communication experience for your customers, allowing them easy access to voucher information with simple registration and communication. The customer process is completely streamlined with redemption forms providing the ability for your customers to set their voucher preferences.

Business Benefit

Instead of bombarding your team members with voucher processing work you can save valuable time with our automated Voucher Management System. An Admin Area gives you a total overview of all processes in place and helps you keep track of all customers, vouchers and suppliers.

Seamless Integration

We Make Switching or Starting With a New System Look Easy

It can feel like a big step to move systems or to start with something new. We make sure the switch is worthwhile, and that you have the support you need.


Sign-Up and Let's Chat

All BlueBox VMS's work on a 30 day rolling basis with a low up-front cost. Our monthly rental model makes this an easy decision.

Getting to Know Your Business

Once we have sat down with you we will quickly see where our VMS can help your business grow, along with any customisations needed.

Start Reaping The Benefits

Once your business is live and running on our VMS you'll wonder why it had taken so long to start with our automated system before.

API & Integrations

All the Technical and Integration Support You Need

We can link with all your existing external systems. Our team of experienced developers will help you with this process making it painless and easy. We provide open and accessible BlueBox API's (REST CON O-AUTH2) to your external developers if required.


The Service We Provide Is as Important as the System We Create for You

You'll have direct access to our support team for any questions you may have from setting up, to running VMS along side your business

Helpful handover and ongoing support

Ongoing tips as to how you can get the most out of a BlueBox VMS through customisation.

Understanding your changing requirements and providing solutions as they arise.

Contact Us Today to Start Optimising Your Customer Redemption Process

Our Voucher Management Systems are faster, easier, and you still have complete control with the ability to customise as we go. What are you waiting for?

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